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Thieves with Guts !!

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  • Thieves with Guts !!

    This is a shortened and translated version of an articel I read in the local newspaper some days ago:

    A Guy found out one day he returned from office that his car was stolen.
    He walked around a bit and foud his car back a few hundred meters away where he parked it last.

    The was a short note in the car from the thief saying "I'm sorry I had to steal your car, but I really needed it at the time to go somewhere. But I returned it to you as you read. To make up with you I've included 2 tickets for the opera tomorrow-night as I'm not going to the opera.".
    The guy was already very happy that he got his car back, and as he liked opera a lot, he decided to go with his wife to the opera. (big one, alost 3hours). He thinks that was almost the best opera he'd ever seen.
    When they returned home to get some sleep, they found out that thieves had broken into the house when they went to the opera, and had taken almost everything with them.
    In the car was a key of the house which the thieves had duplicated. The street adres.
    So just let the people of that house go away, open the house and steal everything.

    those thieves have guts !!

    Raas - The Netherlands
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    clever but ****ed up, who the hel leaves their keys in their car anyways
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      Sounds like an urban myth to me.


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        First car thief that has any brains