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Xtreme Sound car cd/mp3 player

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  • Xtreme Sound car cd/mp3 player

    I picked up a CD player (standard, in-dash system) but it sais it plays CDR disks, and MP3s. Picked it up at Wal-Mart for around $129. Made by "Xtreme Sound". I got it for my brother for Christmas, so I wont know how it works untill then (since I don't want to unwrap it)

    So has anyone used/tried one of these? Any good? 160watt total (40w per channel), but if you just use it as a head, and pipe it to a nice cross-over, amp, and speaker setup, you can probably get some good quality out of it (if its not good enough to begin with).

    any reviews?

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    just installed one today in my cousins car.. not bad for 129 feature wise.. the sounds not that bad, but then again ive neverh eard anything good to compare it to.. hwoever we did not when its starting up u can hear CD spinning noises thru the cars speakers.. kinda weird, but its fine once the songs start.. its an awesome deal for 129, flip down facee and everything, if I didnt have myy damn mp3comp I Would prob buy one..



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      SKIP SKIP SKIP!!!!!!!Rumble Rumble POP POP NOT VERRY GOOD FOR FM aswell and bad THD amd soforth. I know this cause I got one and it sits in my junk box....
      It "works" you just will not like it.

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        Umm.. how do you record an MP3 CD that this thing will actually read? Juliet filesystem or ISO9660? 8.3 char filenames? mode 1, or mode 2 XA? It doesnt seem to like any of the CDs I feed it. eventually comes up with "Error 2". And of course the book is useless.


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          i think its the ISO format. A freind of mine bought a CDR player and when he tried joliet it didnt work. We burned a few in the other format and it worked
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