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How do you get napster music to work with media engine or roadrunner using winamp?

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  • How do you get napster music to work with media engine or roadrunner using winamp?

    How do you get napster to work with media engine or roadrunner using winamp?

    Is it even possible?

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    Be more specific....have you tried to play it on these front ends?

    quote from napster's website: Note: Windows XP and Windows Media Player 10 are required to use the Napster To Go™ service

    I'm assuming it means it will work with media player.
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      I believe Napster only works with some specific devices.

      Are you rying to cnnect the device to your computer to act as a seperate/external drive?

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        Being a carputer and windows 2000 I have win media player 9 because 2000 does not support 10. You can have music stored on up to 3 computers at the same time on the basic napster package. You can play this music offline on Windows media. So can you make your main audio source on roadrunner windows media player? I went through settings and I do not see anything that will allow me to change this. Or is their a plugin from winamp that will allow you to play the music. I can see it but it will not play. Main reason I want to do this is so I can use road runner as my main media page.


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          napster files work with winamp fine...if it is the tags that are wrong then I have the same problem
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            Just hack all that stuff off napster to standard Mp3.. and never worry about it again.. hey you paid for it.. you should be able to use it how you want to..
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