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  • KarPC

    We are in progress in designing and building a complete in dash system. This will include, MP3 Playback, Play List features, Voice Recognition, Speech Output, GPS, On Board Vehicle Diagnoses, Security System, FM Radio, 25W x 4 Amplifier, Hardware audio effects, Video out, VGA out, LCD out, USB, Security out, Climate Control, File LOG (Flue & Repairs), & Multiple users. The entire system with exception to the GPS antenna fits in a single din car stereo bay. It also includes a 6.4" LCD touch screen. This screen can be attached to the main unit or any where you prefer. The entire system is controlled by specialize software. The highest quality products are being used. For example. The core components meet industrial specifications and the internal HD is a mobile HD. The only HD up to the car challenge. It is to soon to give a reliable release date. So stay tuned.

    1) What would you expect to pay for such a beast?

    2) What would you like to see or like not to see in the product?

    3) In an effort to keep cost down and to introduce a challegen to the do it yourselfers. Would you be interested in modules. i.e. a radio module, Amp module, etc.?

    This is the only complete in dash system that we know of. Of you know on any others please yet us know.
    [email protected]