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25 or 50 Watts Amp

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  • 25 or 50 Watts Amp

    Does anybosy know where I can get 25W or 50W amp?
    Thank you

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    Whats it for??
    The car, house, what??
    You could make one for the house for really cheaply.


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        I need it for car , I'm puting sound directly to speakers from a soundcard. I need small amp (25w or 50w) for center speaker and 2 bass shakers.
        I don't mind make it , if there is kit.
        I can put them together but I don't know how to design.


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          If you are making it, you have more flexability, would you want 3 channels?? 1 for the center speaker and 2 for the bass shakers??
          National has an amp IC that can deliver 170watts into a 4ohm load with +-28volts, You can also use it with +-12volts and get 60watts into a 4ohm load, but then you have the problem of getting + and - in the car..
          For more info, go to nationals site, , and search for LM4651 and LM4652, one of these devices is the amp, the other is a MOSFET chip.


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            dont make an amp....... buy a good quality name brand amp.... they have spent the time producing these things, so they know what they are doing!

            Personal choice is clarion, kicker, pioneer....
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              I remember i got my Alpine 2x25 amp from an old Mercedes (early 80's model). Those cars used to come with Alpine stereo system as standard and it seems like they had seperate amp for the deck.
              I used to run my 12's of it for a while (everybody though it was a cross over dox, Its bit biger then a cigarett box and the quality is great)
              and now it gave it to friend of mine to run his 6x9 of it.
              If you have a local car yard give that a try you might pick one up for few dollars.

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                I found some 25W Amps. which I can use for bass shakers, but should I do with center speaker.
                I'm gonna get this center speaker

                The power range is 2-15 Watts
                and I don't think any mobile audio company makes amp that low.

                any suggestion?


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                  How many ohms is the speaker??
                  That would make a diference as to what amp you could use..


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                    25/2 for bass?? How big are the woofers? 4"?
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                      How many ohms is the speaker??
                      That would make a diference as to what amp you could use..
                      Well I don't know.
                      I's Panasonic EAB-CF2 center speaker.
                      only information I can find out this speaker is
                      * 3-1/4" speaker in compact enclosure
                      * frequency response 400-20,000 Hz
                      * power range 2-15 watts
                      * sensitivity 82 dB

                      25/2 for bass?? How big are the woofers? 4"?
                      Well it's not a woofer , it's bass shaker also known as bass kicker. It makes vibration under the seat so you can 'feel' the bass. by the way I have Rockford Fosgate 15" woofers in the trunk


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                        Well I don't know.
                        Well, measure it..

                        If it were 4ohm, we, (you), would want an amp able to deliver 10watts with a +13volt supply, so, I will see what I can find..

                        Okay, I found this, but before you use it, I suggest you get the Thumbs Up from someone else, because they all doubt my electronics knowledge..

                        If it doesn't work, then try clicking here or copying and pasting the link below:

                        If you power the amp from 12volts, you can get 10watts into a 4ohm load, okay..

                        The amplifier IC is available from National, you SHOULD be able to get it as a free sample, and the rest of the components are easy to find..

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                          I changed my mind, you can't use this circuit, there is more to it to use it, you could use "half" and get 5watts??


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                            Keep in mind that as far as the bass shakers alone are concerened, they just vibrate (as opposed to "reproducing" good, clean sound) so you can get away with the dirtiest, cheapest amp you can get your hands on.

                            One of those old, cheap (5 bucks at a garage sale or pawn shop) 40-watt "power booster" amps will work just fine with these.

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