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X10 Mp3 2000 Remote Control

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  • X10 Mp3 2000 Remote Control

    Is there any difference in the function of this remote compared to the MouseRemote that X10 sells, here is an ebay link
    It looks exactly the same hardware as the MouseRemote just a different setup on the buttons, also what versions of Cobra will this work with.

    Setup number 3 has begun :-p


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    I just took a look on X10's site, and I can't find this product. However, the picture on the E-Bay auction looks alot like the X10 Super Remote which is not a PC control remote but just a universal remote control. Here's a link to what the X10 MP3 2000 remote looks like, and as you can see it's nothing like the one on the E-Bay auction: X-10 MP3 Anywhere
    Either way, these apear to differ from the Mouse Remote in that the mouse remote (as the name suggests) gives you the ability to control the mouse pointer from the remote control. The remote on this auction does not appear to have this option, so you might be better off looking for a Mouse Remote instead.


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      I didn't think the mouse pointer was needed for the Cobra I setup, this is for my brothers '91 Sunbird so its only 40x4 LCD based. If I'm wrong please let me know, the thing comes with the RF computer interface so I'm guessing it will work, but I'm looking for confirmation from cenwesi himself


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        No, the mouse pointer is not needed for Cobra. If you're only using a character LCD, you might be better off with an IRMan. I have a Mouse Remote (which is great for me since I have a TFT), but I had some troubel getting the keys to work in Cobra (check this thread).


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          Well, it was only $10, so I went ahead and placed my bid... It should be arriving today or tomorrow. I'll let you guys know if it works well.

          It's RF, which was my main reason for buying this. I don't want to put an "eye" anywhere in my dash

          Near Completion: Intel P166 MMX, 32MB ram, 13GB Hard Drive, Keypad, 4x40 LCD. Sproggy MK2.6 ATX PSU. Win98SE with Winamp and Mark Zehnder Plugin. (Web-site: very soon)