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Using Pioneer aux AND a CD Changer w/o CD-RB

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  • Using Pioneer aux AND a CD Changer w/o CD-RB

    My problem:

    I used to connect my carputer to the IP Bus AUX in my Pioneer HU (hacked int inside de HU).

    But now I'm trying to install a CD Changer, usind the IP bus too, but when I connect the CDCh cable, the sound from the carputer goes very low.

    When the AUX cable is connnected to the carputer, the music from the CDCh goes only to the left speaker.

    When only one connected (carputer OR CDCh), it works fine.

    I will have to buy an adapter (CD-RB20, i guess)? (88% taxes plus shipping to Brazil sucks!)

    []s, Daniel.
    P166, 16M RAM, 8.4HD, 40x2 LCD, custom fit keyboard, running
    MS-DOS/MPXPLAY and home made frontend.

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    Am having a similar trauma!!

    Dont know whether to start chopping up bits of wires and HU's to go for the cheaper option or whether to go for the CD-RB20? As I live in the UK and they are over $100 here!!

    So are you still having problems with yours or have you found a work around?
    Audio:Pioneer KEH P6900R, CD multi Changer, CD-RB20 Aux input adapter.
    System:AMD550, 192 Ram, 13Gb HDD, Via Micro ATX, o/b Sound, 32Mb G/c, T/screen In-Dash 7" LCD VGA, IrMan, 120w inverter.
    O/s:Windows 98lite
    Software:MediaEngine 1.7.7