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Touchscreen Laptop on Tigerdirect? $999? :)

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  • Touchscreen Laptop on Tigerdirect? $999? :)

    Its a super thin notebook (literally!) computer with a pad of paper in a folder... one side has the laptop while the other side has the paper pad. The LCD is normally covering the keyboard, and has a touchscreen interface. You can tilt and flip the screen up to uncover the keyboard and to function like a normal laptop.
    It seems great! What do you all think? (aside from the steep price for a car computer?)
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    I have ALWAYS wanted a laptop with a touchscreen. The only problem I have with this thing is that it doesnt have any disk drives built in. It comes with a port replicator and a floppy drive, but I'd still have to get a USB CD/RW/DVD drive if I wanted to do anything like that.

    about the price: a 10.4" LCD touchscreen from costs $1895. This "transnote" only costs $999, plus you get a full computer. If I had an extra grand laying around, I would buy one for sure.
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      Thats the one! Cool eh? AND you have a paper scribble pad too... but just to mount it... sheesh kinda big... The catalog lists it as $1600 tho... wow... online is much cheaper.
      Free entrance to heaven? WOW! I DUN BELIEVE! JC!