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The Elusive Wiring Harness

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  • The Elusive Wiring Harness

    This is relatively straightforeward.

    I have a Craig DR3645 head unit. And yes, I know Craig filed for chapter 11 in '97, but I still need a wiring harness for it.

    Of course, the kicker is finding one. And this seems like as good a place as any to ask for assistance. So if anybody knows...

    So far, the only advice I've been given is to trash it, but I know it works, and it has aux. in jacks, so...

    Lemme know.

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    Make one?

    I had a Clarion that had the same connector on the back as an ATX motherboard. So if I wanted to I could just hook up an ATX power supply cable and wire it to the car
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      Hey Joe - Welcome to the forum - You building an MP3 car player?
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        I suppose I could make one if I had the other half of the connector. It uses some unknown (to me) type of 16-pin connector.

        The thought had crossed my mind that another manufacturer might have made one with a similar connector. Wishful thinking, I suppose.

        dos4who, to answer your question, I have made my own MP3 computer. I had shelved it, but recently began to revise it, when I stumbled on Wow! I'm not alone!


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          OK fellahs, let's try this approach.

          Does anyone know or know where one could find the pinout for the Craig DR3645 head unit?

          Any and all help is appreciated.