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  • WinTV problem

    If a mod wants to move this to another section, sorry thought this would be the right section to post this in.

    I am in the process of getting my Carputer setup in the house at home before I install it in my car. I have all the parts I need now assembled together in a mini ITX case. I have been installing the software I need. How ever I can not get my WinTV car to output any sound through my pc. The line out 3.5mm jack lead on my WinTV card is plugged in to the Line in on my on board sound card. But there is no sound coming throug the PC. But there is a radio output as when i conect the line to a set of speakers the radio can be heard. I dont think any thing is muted.

    Has anyone got any ideas what this can be?

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    did you disable the "audio through USB" option