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Free webspace with no banners for your mp3 sites!

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  • Free webspace with no banners for your mp3 sites!

    go to or telnet to it and creat an account!

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    Quote from their Hosting Info page...

    "Grex provides limited web page hosting for anyone with a Grex account. Some of the more important limits are:

    No graphics or other multimedia files
    No CGI or SSI support
    Your pages are included in your 1 MB user space limit.
    You still have to log in to your account every few months, in order to keep your account active."

    No Graphics!! EEEEEK!
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      What you do is link to your images on nbci or angelfire or wherever else. everything comes up just as fast but without all the banners.

      I do wish they would update their setup though, "Last updated 1/21/98." The only way to update your pages is through Telnet and that is before my time. I know it is still in use and I do need to learn to use it. Maybe this is my excuse....

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        telnet owns you.
        I cheat, I own an empeg.
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