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    Hey, so I've decided to invest in a decent security system, because of all the stuff that I've got in the car. You can see the system here

    I can get some pretty good discounts at the car audio store I go to, especially because I've helped them out with a few carputer projects. So the system I'm looking at has two parts. The first is an AutoPage RS-720LCD two way paging car alarm system. I will also be adding the audio glass break module, and a hood-pin sensor to the system. It has a starter kill on it, and we have talked about adding a fuel pump shut off to the system also. They've done it on other cars, and it seems to work rather well.

    The second part of the system is going to be a Clifford Blackjax Carjacking system. It has a pair of buttons that get mounted somewhere inside the cabin, and you can set a PIN with the two buttons. Every time you open/shut the drivers door or start the car, the system re-arms. It waits 20 seconds, then chirps at you, and starts to blink the lights around the car. After that it waits another 20 seconds, then "pulses" off the ignition, shutting down the car, and will set off both alarm horns, and my cars horn, and start flashing all the lights on the car. The car won't be able to start until the PIN is entered again.

    I know that it's probably a bit overkill, and hopefully it'll never come in handy. But if it does even once it will be worth every bit. I also realize that if a thief really wants something, they will get it. And everything I can do is just a deterrent.

    So, besides overkill, I'd like peoples impressions of the system. The only reason I'm going this far out is that I can get everything installed for very cheap.