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Carputer in Honda HR-V??

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  • Carputer in Honda HR-V??

    Hi!! Congratulations for the page!! I'm spanish, I have a Honda HR-V (with double din) and I want installate a carputer: dvd, music, gps navigator...
    Do you think these are a good components??

    - VIA EPIA M10000 1000Mhz
    - Memory DDR 512Mb
    - HD Slim 40Gb Fujitsu
    - Combo DVD+CD-RW Slim Samsung
    - mITX 120W a 12V y adaptator for 220V

    The tft... I need a touch screen, isn't?? The Lilliput, for example??

    Do you know HR-V with carputers?? I didn't found pictures in internet...


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    I think the closest thing to an HR-V you will find is a 2001+ Civic. They too, are double-din.
    2007 Honda Fit Sport 1.5L SOHC-VTEC


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      Thanks!! But... Can I conserve my radio cd and install a indash screen or is better install an integrated screen in the double-din?? With my radio cd Honda I could listen the radio within connect the PC... but maybe is better an fixed TFT...


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        I would reccomend a fixed TFT.

        Then for the best possible AM/FM quality radio buy a single din (purely for convienance) and mount that elsewhere, a common place is the visor. Then you can either route all your PC audio into and through the new deck/head unit (advantage, when CarPC down still get readio) or insert that into a line in for the CarPC audio (advantage, less wires running to the HU).

        You can also use USB FM, and FM Transmitters, but neither are likely to get you as good of radio quality as you will get from a headunit tapped into your stock antenna.
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          Mmmm... maybe the problem with the fixed TFT is the angle: it's always the same...
          but is cheaper than the in-dash, of course...