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someone tried to break into my car

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  • someone tried to break into my car

    dohhh.. they didnt get in, but they did mess up my passenger door handle pretty good.. They used a screwdriver to try and pry the handle mechanism thing out and got it like an inch out.. the screwdriver or whatever they used bent the sheetmetal on my door near the handle so now my door looks all retarded.. It was yesterday at a local department store in broad daylight, and the parking lot was pretty packed too! i have my LCD mounted permanently into the dash (but it looks factory) and I had my remote out and also my GPS in the back (I know, bad mistake but I forgot to take it down).. I'm just gonna mount my GPS somewhere hidden from now on. I wasn't gone for more than 15 mins either! Oh well.. Later


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    boy that sucks.....

    Try using your GPS from inside your glovebox compartment if you can. It works fine from there for me =) ( i have a randmcnally) as far as LCD's goes, from the very begginining I have been thinking of security. So I made my 5.6" removeable ( actually i just got a 6.8" to replace it). I used connector with 4 pins, the video pos / ground and the power pos / ground hooked up to your standard hard drive molex. I just slide the screen in and out of the mount stand without having to hook up any wires.
    Only thing that's sort of visible is the mouse which is spray painted black to blend in...
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      Even if your GPS works in your glove compartment, it's not going to get *as good* reception. i.e. not as many satellites as strongly.

      On open roads this might not be a problem, but when you have poor coverage due to lots of tall dense trees, against cliffsides, etc, it helps if your GPS can get better reception.

      Also, the less satellites, the less accurate it will be overall.
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        I just dropped 5 bills on a new alarm system today. That sucked.

        But for my GPS receiver and Wireless USB adapter I just leave them on the back shelf but I cover them with a nice cloth...

        It just looks like a cloth sitting on the back shelf.
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