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Redesigning Setup - going kind of weird

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  • Redesigning Setup - going kind of weird

    Hey everyone. I'm still one comopnent short of my finished carputer - a monitor. And with the lack of funds (collge), I've decided to go without one. I'm going to use my 24x8 PJRC alphanumeric screen instead. The problem with this is it's PJRC. Not hitachi code. There's some neat plugin for winamp for it, but it's kind of a pain and makes no easy way to search through playlists. So here's a short list of problems/features I've been thinking about:

    Seeing the screen at night
    Well, This screen has no backlight. So, I was thinking about actually mounting a LED flashlight somewhere (in an armrest?), with a little window for the light to shine through - making it land as a rectangle right over the screen. Still need to do some testing, and find a good place to mount the light.

    Sorting Playlists - Biggest problem so far
    Well, I kind of want to be able to switch my screen into something like the iPod. Be able to search by artist, album, song name, etc. Does anyone know of a way to do this with PJRC?

    Wifi for laptop
    Well, I got a nice little external USB wifi device for my carputer. It has A/B/G and I got a perfect spot to put it. Is there someway to make it connect to an AP, and let me use a crossover cable to my laptop to use it's better/stronger antenna?

    Thanks for any/all help everyone. I mostly need help with the sorting playlist feature. If anyone can point me to a way to make winamp plugins also, that'd be nice. Especially if it was perl. :-D


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    Well, N/M about the playlist - I just realized that the plugin has a iPod like playlist thing built in. I never realized it before.

    It also handle input on the serial/parallel port

    Does anyone know how hard/easy it is to add a backlight? or make a light for it?

    Additonally - no news on the wifi? Like act as a bridge? Or make it connect to wifi points, and share internet access.