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EPIA-M Sound not working

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  • EPIA-M Sound not working

    I installed all my drivers and except for one called multimedia video controller. I tried finding it from via, epiacenter, etc and still nothing. I get no sound from the rear input. Only the headphone input from the front works. All hardware is working perfectly but no sound. Any ideas?

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    You couldn't find it from VIA? Not even here:

    Try the one labeled audio.


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      I did all of that and I did find out that it was my tv tuner card that I wasn't using giving me that error. But all the software is good to go, but for some reason I still get no sound from the rear. I want to use the via program vinyl something and that controls a lot of what I want. I was thinking it could be something wrong with the jumpers but there is no jumper settings. Its got to be something. I am using a hacked 1.16 bios so I can overclock from 600mhz to 733mhz. And yet I still get only sound from my front panel headphone plug.


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        I'm not sure, but if I remember well, you can only plug one of both outputs. If you have something connected to the front connector, you will have no sound from the rear one, and vice versa.


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          I found out that I had to short two jumpers on the f panel. Jumper 5-6 and 9-10. And now I get sound on the lineout and I get to use the Vinyl Deck from VIA which gives me plenty of adjustments and more.


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            I'm in the same boat.

            I have an Epia-m MoBo, and neither my front or rear sound jacks work. I'm looking to install this in my car (rx8) and was wondering if I should worry about getting the sound to work or have faith that the Car2PC hardware will fix the issue when installed into the car itself.\

            I have fiddled with all the drivers, jumpers and I'm out of options...i've updated everything from the OS to the BIOS...I'm running out of steam.

            My theory is that the Lilliput usb touchscreen is disabling the onboard sound as it is a function of the BIOS. I'm hoping that the CAR2PC "thing" will bypass the Mobo drivers and I'll be fine...

            I was hoping to run a sound output jack through the center console for headphones or whatever, do you think that I would be able to make this work?

            Any suggestions...I'm out of options.

            Thanks in advance for your help.

            First time poster, long time reader.