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Wire? Where's it all at?

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  • Wire? Where's it all at?

    Hey everyone-
    Since I'm close to doing my install (finally) I'm looking to get all the wiring purchased for the battery-> tank circuit-> tank battery->inverter. I had read that I should use 8awg wire for anything and everything inbetween the battery and the inverter, but I cant find any. The best I can find is 10 guage wire at the local radio shack(god forbid I ask them anything they know less then I do about stuff). Will that work? Is there a good place to get wiring over the internet? Thanks alot everyone!


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    Go to car audio places.
    fleeeeebay is another one.
    And buy something called amp/amplifier kits.
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      home depot/lowes/wal-mart/sutherlands/industrial supply
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        oh man screw all those places, your local welding shop, buy 4awg for a $1cdn a foot, if you can weld with it, it'll sure as hell power your car audio
        running that throughout my car, power and ground, of course not all amps accept 4awg very easily hehe
        oh and one more note... the stuff is damn flexible, and make sure u have some big cable cutters or a hack saw in order to cut the stuff hehehehe, there's no way you can take some dinky *** method to cut it, the strands are strong, but Very flexible, tie the sucker in knots easily


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          I get my car audio stuff from online places like since I couldnt find anywhere local that had a good selection.


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            I used 1/0 welding cable from - only $1.25 a foot

            believe it or not its about as flexible as my 4 gauge phoenix gold power wire.

            the only thing is that lugs are a ****** to get on. forget baout pliers. I had to hammer them on using a rubber hammer and a 4"x3" scrap piece of 1/2" thick steel plate. soldering them is pretty hard too, I had to use the blowtorch attachment on my butane gun and really get that lug hot as hell..

            if you need sizes smaller than 4 gauge or accessories I recommend

            knukonceptz is actually where I got the lugs for the 1/0 welding cable and a battery terminal.


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              I just bought 12 feet of 8 AWG at Home Depot for about $6.
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                Originally posted by Bugbyte
                I just bought 12 feet of 8 AWG at Home Depot for about $6.
                i second that i bought 4 gage wire @ home depot and it's about $.50-$.60 a foot... good quality too.

                Ratshack is way overpriced...


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                  I believe for an Opus 150 and no car amp, a 10 g wire is adequate. I bought mine at
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