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  • Software problem

    I installed windows and now when I boot up it get a message NTDLR Missing

    Press CTL ALT DEL to restart

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    boot into the recovery console from the cd and try fixboot and fixmbr
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      I HATE this problem... it has to do with the master boot record being corrupted... I have tried a dozen ways to fix this, but I "think" that it had something to do with the closeness of my subwoofer... I moved the sub and the problem stopped happening...

      but to fix the drive I did a low level format, seagate has a utility to do this... basically it completely zeros out the drive... I thought it was a problem with the cdrom or the cdrom drive... swapped cables.. nada...

      the worst part was that I couldnt' find crap on WHY it was happening... but you are formatting because you had a major crash - I bet... drive has been in use - I bet... format a dozen times, install fresh windows... still craps on ya... this was my solution and it worked on two drives that I had this issue with...

      the drive is still good, cause you can take it as is and hook it to a desktop as a second drive... no problems... add this to the list of frustrations...
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        I had the same problem and i fixed it by installing it on another pc and doing a full format.
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