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  • LED interior lights

    Hey guys, I have my LED's going. I have 6 in a series and I'm wondering what can be used to "diffuse" them. Instead of having the 6 LED's just point at the floor and leave 6 circles of light, is there any way I can make them more like a glow instead of a beam? I've tried plexi glass (1/4") and all it did was soften the edges, it didn't really turn it into one solid glow.

    Anyone know of anything that will work?

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    It is my understanding that you can 'shave' the leds. Now I don't exactly know what you should use to shave the tips off, but I do know it works. Maybe try a sander or a nice pair of utilitiy cutters.


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      You have to sand the tips down until there flat. Then try bunching them together and putting them behind a diffuser :-P Like some kind of covering.


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        I replaced the interior domes with festoon bulbs from they come encased in glass and they diffuse really well, as opposed to being just circles. You can check out their site for pictures and see if they give you any ideas.