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    hey guys so most of the installs i've seen are here are really nice and very clean. The thing i've noticed is that most of your guy's cars are relatively newer 1990 and later. Well i'm into four wheeling, so me and my dad are restoring a 1976 international scout terra. so here is my problem: The dash (if you'd even call it that) is way to small for anything to be molded into it. I don't know if a motorized screen would work, but I really want to mold a screen in to the dash for that perfect oem, meant to be type of look and feel. Can I add onto the dash with fiberglass material. I've read about just making the screen bezels, and most nice ones take 40 hours + , so would this dash take like a year to make if I added on with bondo and went through the sanding process.... and how would I even go about adding on to the dash anyways?? here are some pics of ripped apart interior to give you an idea:

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    looks like a fun project. is that rhino liner on the floor?

    as for a screen. I'd say this is a prime candidate for a motorized flip-out one. or mold an extension into the dash that goes down to the center console and mount a screen there.. looks like it'll give you enough room for an 8" but it will be a fair amount of work to get it to look right.


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      Off topic, but cool truck, I'd go for motorized.
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        build a center console......
        MY NEWEST INSTALL:modded infiniti fx with big screen

        first windows carpc liquid cooled LVDS screen :D


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          yeah. think of it as a blank canvas to build whatever you want. Do something similar to the style of the truck - eg bit of body coloured parts, chrome to match the bumper and some rubber edging to cushion it from knocks and to reflect the large off-road tyres. You could come up with something very cool and unique. But dont go over the top.

          You could re-dp the wooden dash part to match so it all blends in. that could so easily end up being pretty damn sick.


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            alright thanx for the input. It looks like a motorizesd screen will have to be the best solution. I like what scouse said about it being a blank canvas though, and I will definetly keep that in mind as I contiune to build this thing. Oh, and Stapan it's just primered after i welded everything i needed to just keep all from rusting. Thanks again guys.