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Doing a carpc setup, questions/help

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  • Doing a carpc setup, questions/help

    Hey guys.. I am doing a CarPC setup soon.. I have an 8" lilliput touch screen i am goin to put in the center console (where headunit is).. I am going to relocate that.

    Anyway, I need help in the entire setup of the carpc.. I know there is so much software and hardware stuff to go along with it all.. so let me explain my setup and then hopefully you guys can help me get the thing goin good..

    I am going to use an old PC setup... Consisting of,

    Iwill XP333 motherboard full size ATX..
    AMD XP 1700+ CPU
    GF2 Ultra (AGP)
    DDR memory

    All that good stuff.. Probably run 2 30GB HD's and probably 1 maybe 2 CD roms.. a cd burner and DVD rom..
    I'm going to use a wireless mini keyboard.. and a wireless laser mouse...

    WHat is the best way to tie head unit in with PC audio? My headunit is a Kenwood .. it's a good unit I have an Aux. audio input.. So I could run the PC through head unit I guess.. would be nice to be able to have PC sound + head unit sound.. like for playing games (i'm thinkin of setting up a PS2 as well) So PS2 + being able to have radio/cd music or something.. I guess if I did that I'd have to setup other speakers dedicated to the PC... I don't know

    What else.. um.. I plan to just setup windows XP.. What kind of good software is there for that stuff?

    Also, What kind of hardware ****? I plan to use a 350W Enermax PSU with a good size inverter probably 600W continuous... I'm running a modified alternator.. built up for audio competitions.. I got it from a friend.. but anyway it runs a 170amps.. So I got PLENTY of juice to power it all.. Talking about over 2000W I can put out at 12V.. so anyway.. I guess I will run power/reset switches to the front.. I plan to mount PC somewhere in the rear.. in the hatch area..

    What is the power drain like with the PC in hybernate? I'd like it so when the car starts the PC comes on from hybernate .. but I don't know what the power draw is in that mode (if any?)

    Anyway, I'm going to setup a wireless network card too.. so any suggestions I'd appreciate.

    I have a remote starter as well, I can seutp a LOT of stuff with that thing so the customization with that is unlimited really..

    Thanks for any advice,


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    First read the FAQs, then read the project and work log forums. I think most of your questions will be answered even the ones you did not ask.
    D201GLY2, DC-DC power, 3.5 inch SATA

    Yes, you should search... and Yes, It has been covered before!

    Read the FAQ!