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    I was wondering about heat issues. I live in Texas and during the summer it can really run up some heat in a car. 120 to 175 Are there any heat issues with these style of units that may be known about.

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    You want to keep everything as cool as possible. But just check the operating temps of the components you buy and stay within those.
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      Using car-computer specific parts, you should be ok, provided your car has A/C. Dont be a fool and buy a 3.66EE Prescott, and overclock it, its hot anyways. Most computer parts run about 100F, some cooler because of fans/ watercoolers.

      Just make sure you have your computer out of the sun, and maybe turn the air on, and let it run for a few while you wait for your interior to cool off.

      edit: I live in Dallas, i feel your pain.
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