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  • Search not working Need HVAC Help

    I'm looking at a 99 Tahoe 2 door for my next project and need to know four things:

    1. Are the controls electric ?

    2. If so and all I need is wire to make them work, is there anyone outh there that sells an extension kit ?

    3. If I do hve to make my own extension, is there a limit to the distance that the wires can be extended withoout altering performance

    4. If there is a drop in performance can it be corrected by thicker gauge wire?

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    2 hours, no reply. So I'll try.
    1. a 99? I would think they are electric, take the bezel out and look.
    2. I doubt extension kits are available.
    3. Limit, I doubt it. Just extend the wires with the same (existing) gauge
    4. Refer to #3

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