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What happened to the M1-ATX?

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  • What happened to the M1-ATX?

    I tried finding it in the store and it wasn't there. Did y'all stop selling it?

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    M1-ATX's manufacturer Mini-Box is still selling it:;jsessio...13&it=A&id=356

    I also have a couple for sale, if you're interested
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      i believe the M2-ATX might be coming out soon. bit more power i think.


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        get it off ebay. its alot cheaper. Senior Tech Blogger (Want a product reviewed? Contact me.)
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          Or get it used in the classified section.


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            Hopefully M2-ATX Soon

            I hope it comes out fairly soon, because as of this week I'm ordering my motherboard and hard drive. Those are the last components I will need for the actual computer, with the exception of the power supply. For the touchscreen and new headunit I'm going to hit dad up since he sold my $1200 dollar rockford fosgate system with my celica.

            I read on this post, as of 9-19 they estimate 8 weeks until they will start shipping the M2-ATX. So hopefully it comes out sooner than expected, because if all goes well I will be needing a power supply soon.

            I see that the M1-ATX is now listed back at mp3car.
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