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    Is there a significant difference in processor usage when playing a VBR mp3 vs. a regular mp3? Are there any disadvantages in using VBR?
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    Don't think so. VBR is win-win if your encoder can do it.


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      VBR kicks some serious butt. It doesn't use anymore cpu overhead, and has the BEST Mp3 sound quality. Some people complain about the time problem on playback, as winamp can't calculate the remaining time due to the bitrate not being constant, but the latest version seems to average it quite well so that doesn't seem to be a biggy anymore.

      I highly recommend it, but try a test song with a lot of varying instruments to really test the difference. You'll find it sounds so much better, and you will tend to notice the difference from a CBR when played loud from a car stereo, as CBR has that horrible digital squissed sound to it, where as VBR doesn't do that for me.

      So give it a go.


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      BjBlaster! Car MP3 & Carputer!

      "The solution to one problem is only the beginning of another"