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Project aims to track cell phones for real-time traffic data

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  • Project aims to track cell phones for real-time traffic data
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    yeah yeah i smell BS all over that.

    The records will be kept primarily to track suspects of terrorism (which they probbaly do already but this gives em more scope for mass tracking not a bad thing to be honest given todays troubles) and it will be used to alert police cars to speeding motorists so they can deploy police cameras on bridges and patrol cars at junctions.


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      Like SSN's... It'll start off simple and innocuous, and slowly they'll start introducing new "capabilities". Oh joy.


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        would be handy fro tracking witnesses of car crashes though. but they are suppose to be deleting the data so nevermind!


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          or hit and run's... but like you said...


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            Dont ever buy a contract, and get your prepay sims off a 'man of ethnic' parentage on the local market.

            Turn it off when not in use.
            Have a pager for incoming messages.

            No questions, no proof of ownership, no signal to track.

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              hmm, there was a company that was doing that, no?

              it was sort of a p2p idea... basically everybody load an app on their cellphones, they track speed through bluetooth gps devices installed in users cars... then, everyone can access maps showing "traffic" based on speed of other users in each street shown on the map...

              kickass idea, but you'd need a whole lot of people if it were to be useful, and for it to work throughout the day (as opposed to only at peak times) a lot more ppl would be needed....

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                I'm pretty sure no data is actually sent, it's just pinging phones in the area w/ a unique ID. They have the capability as it stands for 911 calls and such to triangulate where u r. I'm sure the government already has access to that system to track potential terrorists and the like.


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                  This is the same government that coordinated the Katrina response, right?

                  Maybe they have access to it but do they know they have access and would they know what to do with it if they did?

                  Now if Wal-Mart had access to it, I'd be scared. They'd know what to do with it.
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                  I was gung ho on building a PC [until] just recently. However, between my new phone having internet and GPS and all...and this kit...Im starting to have trouble justfiying it haha.
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                    BugByte makes an excellent point. Having done some consulting work for various government entities, I ain't skeer'd.

                    Let me get off this subject before I make enemies.
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