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  • Money Not A Problem

    My buddy who owns a shop and does all kinds of custom work. I turned him on to the site and his mouth hit the floor. we realized that there could be some really money in this and he knows the people that will toss down the money.

    So money is not an options.. I want to hear your dream machine... I'm needed a board/Processor that can handled a huge work out..

    need 5+ monitors with 1 touch screen
    I was thinking Pent. M
    2g ram?
    multi. harddrives,
    xbox 360

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    I don't think you really need raid setup in a car.... samething for 2gb ram.

    What do you want to do with the machine ? Let passengers play some PC games while the car is running ?
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    Need GPS / Aux Input / WiFi

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      I never found money to be the issue w/ car computers. Its the work in fabrication, configuration, testing, etc....

      i agree, no raid or 2gb mem. You need the most stable computer, not the fastest; besides, those enhancements won't do much for car computer applications.
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        Suggested board/chips for teh above application?


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          stability and low power consumption are just as important (if not more) as processing power or storage when it comes to car computers. I would rather have a system that can do a decent job of running the apps I want while maintaining low power consumption and low heat rather than a high end power hog that, while it may be able to run apps at blazing speeds, won't run for 5 minutes without the alternator turning and AC blowing on it (I've gone this route and believe me it's not the right way to go).

          Also, bootup times are much more important in a car environment, while 2gb RAM would be nice for running software, it would take you 2 minutes to come back from hibernate and seeing as how most people on here are annoyed with waiting 30 seconds, I'm pretty sure that would drive you insane (heck half the time you'd get to your destination before you had music).


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            well the Pent. M would be a compromise of the best of both worlds would it not?


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              In carpc applications, limit is the power supply.
              Once you find the PSU you want to buy, then build the PC that the PSU can power.
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                Originally posted by ConvertedWS9
                well the Pent. M would be a compromise of the best of both worlds would it not?
                THe Pentium M isn't an issue.
                I think that nobody saying anything about that aspect of the installation means that it's more than suitable for what you want.

                Two things you need to consider no matter what hardware you coose:
                1) Power. The Pentium M is a low-power CPU, which allows you to use one of the DC-DC power supplies will all the bells & whistles (shutdown controller, battery protection, etc.).
                2) Heat. Again, the Pentium-M, being a low-power CPU will help with this, but park your car outside on a hot summer day and you're easily in the danger zone for the CPU. Cooling needs to be designed into the system.

                If you're going to go with multiple screens (whether it's two or 5 or 18 gazillion like the LCD-happy folks at West Coast Customs), I'd have at least two displaying VGA output on multiple desktops.
                Why, you ask?
                A smaller screen (7-8") in/near the dash with touchscreen to control the PC would be on one, while the other desktop on a larger screen (12-15") could show visualizations or detailed map data or even have a decent-sized screen to play a game, if that's your bag.
                The other screens (you said you wanted at least five which is excessive in my opinion) could be simple TV-input to show a console game system, DVD or TV.

                Just my 3.1415927 cents.
                Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
                How about the Wiki?

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                  if money really isn't an object I would recomend a hybrid system.... consisting of a full multimedia head unit nav setup (alpine for me) paired with a full pc install.... the benifits are many, & while it may seem excesive & redundant, it is defanately the best way to go...... if money really isn't an object that is........
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                    how about 2 or more carpcs.

                    1 for driver, 1 or 2 for passengers


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                      if money isnt a object then why not just design a motherboard, harddrive, ram, etc......

                      about a 100million later you could own the carputer seen with 0 boot time, low power con.....

                      dream machine tho.....

                      Probably with what i have along with gps,xm, more pcm intergration, all gauges replaced with a screen, laptop hd & dvdr instead of mine full size 1s. Wireless internet thru a cellphone.
                      And 1 mini 5 inch touch screen for my armrest.

                      that would be about it.
                      Right now my carputer does everything i want except those, and im workin on them, but money is an issuse with me ahha
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                      1tb harddrive
                      256 ddr
                      8 lilliput

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                        Blade servers... oh yeah
                        Oh and the Redundant 2000W Power Supply Modules (included) !!!!!!
                        You can put 14 Dual Xeon computers in this server
                        Floppy and CD rom included too.

                        Linky to help you configure it:

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                          Randell Kelly


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                            get an inverter for a semi, that'll do the trick.