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Do i need a deck that plays DVD?

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  • Do i need a deck that plays DVD?

    If i don't buy a DIN-mountable all-in-one DVD/MP3/LCD unit and choose to get the deck, nav and screen separately, what exactly do i get? Do i just get any deck? Or does it have to play DVD? And if i have the nav DVD in there, how do i listen to music? If it doesn't have to play DVD, does that mean i'll never be able to play DVD movies?

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    If you aren't getting a computer, there aren't too many 'new' decks that have Nav seperate, I think with the exception of Alpine and Kenwood.

    You're probably asking for more trouble than it's worth to do things seperately. Just find a used AVIC-N1 somewhere.


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      What benefits will i get by getting a computer, as opposed to the nav you mentioned? How much more/less will it cost, and what will it allow me to do?


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        check the FAQ section......*cough* n00b *cough*
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          You are dealing with a site that people building computer in their car for navigation and stuff. The question you are asking, most people here don't have a clue what it is or don't bother to know what the **** it is.
          So basically, you are asking the wrong people.
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