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Cleaning my interior

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  • Cleaning my interior

    I've got a VW Golf MK3 that hasn't been taken care of internally to say the least. Other than the stereo getting nicked (mentioned in a previous thread ages ago) the mats are missing and consequently there's a lot of dried/worn in stuff on the floor and on the seats.
    I've got most of the mud up from the floor using hoover and upholstery attachment however the seats won't come clean at all. I've tried one shampoo that didn't seem to work and I'd rather avoid hiring anything like a machine to do it.
    Any tips? Oh btw it's a cream/ivory interior so it shows I've tried looking on google but nothing of real value was found.


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    I would try...

    one of these oxygenated cleaners. They claim to be able to get out just about any stain.

    Oxyclean? something like that...


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      Yeah, the soluble ones that you tip on then wipe off sorta thing? Think the closest thing in the UK is Vanish.

      Will try asap.


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        careful. some have bleach in them and will destroy leather and vinyl(turns it whitish).


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          I use a Bissell Little Green Machine w/ Proheat to to clean my seats and carpets. You can use any cleaner you want or just water. It takes a few days for the seats to totally dry.

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            All I needed was the AutoGlymm car interior shampoo (kindly donated by a friend..who now wants paying cos it worked lol) and a clean damp cotton cloth.
            Procedure was to spray the shampoo until area was wet then rub with cloth till it's clean. And put simply it works and it was easy to do.
            The only downside is the length of time it takes the seats to dry, as ODYSSEY said, but there's not a lot I can do about it. I'll let you know what the final result is in a few days.

            Just the drivers seat left to do