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How to integrate winamp, LCDC, and hotkeys

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  • How to integrate winamp, LCDC, and hotkeys

    Hi all,
    I'm attempting a project which will hopefully look as follows: a PC which will act strictly as an mp3 server. It won't do anything but play music. I would like to connect it to some type of LCD/VFD panel to see what I'm doing. So far, I've picked Winamp 5 to play the audio files, and LCDC to output to the LCD panel. This is not set in stone, however. To interface, I'll probably end up using something like a numeric keypad to control hotkeys.

    My dilemma is this: Both LCDC and Winamp almost do what I want them to. Winamp accepts global hotkeys, but pretty much only for the player. What I need is to be able to access the library. I'd like to be able to press a hotkey to sort by artist/song/album. However, I can't seem to find anything for this. Also, with LCDC, I need to be able to see what I'm looking at in the Winamp library. If I sort by album, I want to be able to see a list of albums on my LCD panel so that I know which one I'm choosing.

    Do any plugins exist out there which would do this? Or is this the kind of thing which I would need to write myself?

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    Sweet! Old School LCD displays ROCK!
    I can't really help you with the latest version of Winamp, sadly. Back in the day (V1.x) I wrote a program (which took the place of LCDC) to interface to a serial LCD. It took advantage of Winamps playlist (in limited form). I rewrote it a few years later and completely created a new playlist system (bypassed Winamps PL).

    If I recall, LCDC can't do much more than script commands to Winamp - which means you're probably out of luck. If you can track down any specialized plugins which are written in C++, you might stand a chance. Winamp's website would be the best place to look.

    Hope that helps. My old software is on my "old" website (check sig). It works quite well, but is rather alpha...
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      eh man. hopefully you have really looked into it and have your reason for doing an carputer instead of just using a mp3player.
      if there is not some special reason just go with an mp3player.

      But i think i remember seeing like a 3.5 bay lcd screen that would interact with winamp
      go look around there.
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        LCDC has plugins for this. I think its called the PLS plugin, otherwise known as the playlist plugin.
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          PatO - Thanks for the advice. It's nice to know this can be done. I used to work in VB and C++ a long time ago, so we'll see what happens. It'd be nice to avoid if possible though. The old website was great though - it offered some good suggestions (like changing the windows shell to Winamp).

          84RegalRider - MP3 players just cost way too much money. Plus it doesn't give you the satisfaction of building something yourself.

          01331 - I actually discovered this one last night shortly after I posted. I'm hoping that this will do what I need it to. I downloaded it, but haven't had much time yet to mess around with it.

          One other thing I thought of (and I may be pushing my luck here)... Is there any hotkey plugin for winamp that you know of which would allow me to cycle through my EQ presets?


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            I've got the same username on LCDC forums... I used to do LCDC plugins sometime ago.
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              Thanks everyone. The PLS plugin was just about exactly what I was looking for.