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M1000 boot problem, no video, no POST

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  • M1000 boot problem, no video, no POST

    OK here we go,, long story cut short..
    have Via Epia M10000, working fine, then 1 day,, turned on,, no video,, nothing,, no beeps, only PSU and CPU fan going.
    I figure I killed it on the bench, threw it into cupboard and used something else for car.. 3 weks l8r pulled out mini itx plugged in,, works perfectly, install into car,,, all good... 2 weeks l8r pulled outa car for service, plugged in,, no video :-( same as before, since then I've learnt that the latest bios (1.06) has problem with RAM witch produces same problem as I have,, Only I've had this board for 12 months, haven't updates BIOS, don't know which bios I have,, I only have generic RAM, has anyone got any ideas on how to get round this as I don't want to go and buy brand name name RAM just to test, only to find out that that isn't compatible.
    I'm pretty sure it's a RAM prob but I need to know what is 100% compatible with this board.

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    Could also be the PSU... Does that PSU work on another board? I just had a similar problem few days ago, got my VIA EPIA PD board, and took out the ATX supply from my desktop and only the fans, no video or post.

    Just something else to narrow down your search.
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