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I think I got the mp3car bug again

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  • I think I got the mp3car bug again

    I started the project two years ago, I believe. I bought all the parts, did hours upon hours of research, but never built/installed the box. I got caught up doing other things.

    Recently I've been wanting to mod my car, and I still have all the parts. I'm amazed at how little technology has progressed for mp3car's. All my parts are still WELL up to date, even down to the MII 1.2.

    The only way I'd consider doing this thing, is if I can get a factory looking dash out of the deal. The original plan to hack up a Lilliput isn't going to work with me anymore. I want a clean looking interface for my double-din space. Any ideas?

    Are there any solutions to place the PC and LCD inside a double din space? That would be interesting. It's probably better to leave the PC in the trunk, all the wires are gonna get messy.. I'd rather manage them back their than behind the dash.