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    hi not sure if this is the right place but i was wondering about the neo35. tried a search and it turns old threads from years ago. anyone know if its a good system/worth getting? i already have a hard drive and a pioneer cd deck with an IPBUS input. I see there are RCA-> IPBUS adapter cables, are these sufficient for connecting the neo35 to the receiver deck? also I dont know where I can buy the system. I tried going to the ssiamerica site but they only sell an FM modulator and a few cables it seems like. whats the deal with that ?

    is this all that is necessary to put in the car? the back of it has RCA outs that plug into the receiver?

    or is this thing necessary too

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    They still make the Neo? Wow. That's been around for about ten years now.
    Wonder if the interface software is still buggy....

    Would it be all you need? Yes. Would I recommend getting one? No. It's an older unit and there's better, more capable MP3-playing units than this. The software was notoriously buggy, at least in the early iterations of the unit.

    Here's the company that took over the production of the Neo line:

    I don't believe it's still in production, which would explain why you can't find a reseller. I could be wrong.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      hmm.. i've only ever known of this site, i thought it was still the makers.

      what other systems would you recommend that are in the same pricerange? as i stated i already have a hard drive and receiver, so all i need is an interface to read the hard drive and send it to the receiver.. it looks like the firmware is upgradeable on the neo, and its open source:

      the ssiamerica site actually links to so i guess they dont really keep it up all that well


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        If you're interested, I'll sell you mine--relatively cheap. It's been sitting dormant for a few years now, since I sold my last car. It's the orginal NEO 35 model which I bought it in the summer of 2000, and it was well ahead of its time.

        I've got the remote display, an extra dock for home use, and a 20 GB hard drive in it. I think the software has gotten much better since they went open source and users started uploading they're upgrades.

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