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    Hello everyone,
    I'm new to the forum but not new to installing. I used to work at Circuit City as an installer so I am no stranger to electronics or installing. I have an 05 Titan and I want to install a carputer. I have been doing lots of research because I know that there is going to be some creativity and fabrication involved. Here is my proposed setup and please feel free to add any comments or make any suggestions:

    1. Roof top GPS antenna
    2. Ampie car computer case ( I am on the fence with this option. I think there will be plenty of room once the OEM radio is removed, so I was thinking about just fabricating an enclosure for the computer components.
    3. 2.5" 40GB HD
    4.Kingston 512MB DDR Ram
    5. Via Epia M10000 mini-ITX motherboard
    6.M1-Atx 90 watt power supply
    7. Car PC E2 V2.5d power controller
    8. Panasonic slot load DVD-Rom
    9. Lilliput 7" VGA Touchscreen

    The purpose I am after with the carputer is to have the ability to play DVD's, later expand the system to include monitors in the headrests, have GPS, play MP3's, CD's and listen to the radio. I am really not interested in having the internet, although it might be a nice feature to be able to add later on if so desired. I don't think I need windows software, but an interface to be able to select radio, GPS, CD, MP3 or DVD. I think I want 5.1 sound so would I have to get a 5.1 sound card? If I have been reading correctly, I would need 2 amps, 1 to power the subwoofer(s) and another to power the rest of the speakers? I am still a little unclear as to how this would all work. Would there be 4 outputs on the sound card? Front, Center, Rear, and subwoofer? And would I need RCA Y splitters for the connection to the amps? I tried to get everything in. I included a wiring diagram for all components. Please provide comments and suggestions and feel free to make corrections. Thanks in advance for everyone's help.
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    I accidentally left out the ground for the computer and the fuses for the amps and computer after the distribution block. I was also wondering, based on usage experience what GPS software is relaible and accurate?


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      The extra speed and features of the EPIA SP13000 motherboard may be worth considering, I think they are better for MP4 video ad can use SATA etc. As for GPS software...iGuidance has strong support here. I like it a lot.
      EPoX mATX SocketA w/onboard Geforce4MX / 512MB PC2700 / AthlonXP 1600
      Lilliput / DVDrom / Opus 150W / WD 3.5" 160GB / SB Audigy NX
      XP home / Road Runner / iGuidance 4.0


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        Does no one else have any comments, advice or suggestions?


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          If you use the M1ATX, the CarPC EZ shutdown controller isn't necessary. The M1ATX has this funtionality built-in.

          You need more than just a GPS antenna. You need a GPS receiver, as well. I recommend the BU-353 puck-style GPS receiver. It works well and in most cases, there's no need for another antenna on your roof (unless you want one, of course.)

          You didn't specify it, but it's worth a mention:
          You didn't specify whether the DVD-ROM is full-sized or slim. I recommend the slim drive due to the lower power draw, but it also requires a laptop-to-IDE adapter. If you're going to have the DVD-ROM more than a couple feet from the motherboard, a USB enclosure (or laptop-IDE adapter and IDE-USB adapter) is a good solution.

          Other than that, your setup looks like the common one that people use.
          Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
          How about the Wiki?

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