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BMW iBus - Any Other Use Other Than Steering Wheel Controls?

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  • BMW iBus - Any Other Use Other Than Steering Wheel Controls?

    As my CarPC project is coming along, I keep on coming back to the idea of having iBus integrated with the PC. However, all I keep seeing is steering wheel controls for the most part (which is something I am not really interested in).

    Is there anything else the iBus interface with a CarPC can do? I have snooped around on HackTheIbus over at yahoo but the forum format over there is not very good to search for ibus stuff (or maybe it is just me ..).

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    There are other things, but the truth is, you should probably ask over at HacktheIbus. They are the experts.

    I have hearss you can use it to sense events in the car, like a door opening, or the lights coming on. You can also send text to the various LCD displays in the car, including in the gauge cluster and the radio. All of these things are by memory, and I might be incorrect, so check with them.

    There are probably more things.

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