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  • Length of running/working installation

    I've had my setup running for about 6 months straight now with no tinkering.

    I'm wondering how long most people have had their car computer systems installed and running with no problems. What is the "expected life cycle" that people are getting. I know a lot of you fiddle and are constantly changing and adding parts and changing software and setup.

    For those of you who got your setup installed and are happy with it and dont' mess with it often, how long have you had your system installed and running for day-to-day normal use without making changes?

    Just wondering what kind of durability and lifetime everyone is getting out of their system.
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    i havent been on this forum for very long, but i would the life or a carpc is very long with some of these members simply because their always upgrading and changing stuff to make it more practical...


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      My last system ran for about 6 years before I killed it with a bios update.
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        The last time I make major change to my Supra setup was about 2 or 2.5 yrs ago. The Matrix set up is about a year. Front End update is one that I did once a month or whenever guino put a major change to Road Runner.
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          my last car ran over 2 years with no tinkering, except one soundcard that crapped out... my current vehicle install started almost 2 years ago & I don't think I've ever went longer than a month without major changes....

          if you get it done, & then leave it alone, she should last a long time.. if you can resist tinkering & adding... my last car I didn't even know about, so I didn't constantly fill my head with new ideas & constantly change software... got it working & just left it alone... it did what it needed to do, but now I'm just getting way more involved with front ends, skinning & adding way more than just basic navi, mp3's & dvd's

          the problem is that a car pc can do so much.... there is no end to the things that can be added & changed... I'm always scouting for new periferals & software & functionality now.... the more you want from the carpc the more you'll have to play with it, the more you play with it the more conflicts & issues surface....
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            From my experience, my harddrives seem to start taking dumps around 1 and a half years. I have them mounted flat (horizontal) in my case, and my little car doesn't have very good suspension - I know it'd last longer with my HD mounted vertically and in a nicer car

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              My setup has been runnung strong for about a year and 3 months. The touchpanel doesn't work at the moment but that's only because I decided to start screwing with it again. =)
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