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  • Clear (acrylic) hinges

    I'm in the process of making a plexiglass case for my car MP3 machine, but for the top of the box, I'd like to get some clear plastic (acrylic) hinges and a latch. Anyone know of any outlets that I can get these parts? My local hardware store(s) look at me like I'm crazy when I ask them if they have anything like this. Any other type of metal hinge I think would look tacky - aesthetics count, don't they??!!

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    actually, thats a great idea and im suprised they dont care them. Im also looking for something similar too. I wonder what it would take to make them if you cant find clear hinges. Chrome would also look good in case you cant make or buy the clear hinges. Im sure some company makes them though.
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      Just do a search at Lycos.

      It came up with a number of hits for "acrylic hinge."

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        Call your local sign shop. I use to work at one and I have used the clear hinges before. They come in a long strip that you cut off what you need.
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