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  • Nano ITX - soon to be available !!! from

    extract from email just in

    We now have a confirmed arrival date for our first shipment of Nano-ITX motherboards.

    Initial stock will be very limited - but as a mailing list member you have the chance to jump the queue! Here's a direct link to our Nano-ITX and compatible memory page:

    We will make this link live on the store on Saturday 25th February. Orders will be ready to ship on or around 1st March 2006. Please note we do require a confirmed PayPal email address if you intend to purchase using this method.

    Kind Regards,

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    Nano ITX / 512 MB / 60 GB / Panasonic slot load / M1-ATX / Bu303 / Sound blaster 24 / PPi amps / rockford sub

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    Wow, that looks nice...and I thought my mini-itx via was small. Getting to the point where you could just mount the mobo on back of the screen.
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      &#163;200, kind of expensive... No?
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        I highly recommend the Nano ITX I got one about six months ago and its been awesome !!!! the price is high ! but the size and decent speed make up for its price ! its quicker on some tasks than a 2.0ghz laptop with 512MB
        Nano ITX / 512 MB / 60 GB / Panasonic slot load / M1-ATX / Bu303 / Sound blaster 24 / PPi amps / rockford sub


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          Haven't these boards been out for a while?

          Is just now getting them?


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            The boards have been out, but VERY hard to obtain. There was an initial release of some insanely low number, like a couple hundred or something.
            Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
            How about the Wiki?

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              too expensive, IMO, but very cool nonetheless. I"ll stick with my MII10000 for the time being