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    Greets, alló

    Iíve been in the process of saving for a new car for about 3 years, and believe in about 6 months Iíll finally have amassed enough to secure a decent ride. In general Iím a modest fellow, and at this time I believe the current generation Honda Accord fits that which I seek in a car-- Unsurpassed reliability, 4-cylinder efficiency, safety, civil ride character, roominess, manual transmission, leather, and navigation. Hondaís the only manufacturer that offers everything I want (while, for instance, most auto makers force you to get a V-6 or lame automatic transmission if you want, say, navigation).

    Iíve harbored intention to build a carputer system for years-- There was never any doubt that Iíd undergo such a project; I only needed a decent car to make the job worthwhile. And the system currently planned: Mac Mini with Front Row-- Self contained, portable, relatively efficient; except for comparatively few applications, itís the perfect computer system for car use. Iíll be building a docking station for easy comings and goings (likely modifying this: ).

    In any event, The Accord EX with leather (the trim line Iíll likely be getting), comes standard with XM Radio; something I donít care much about. After the 3-month trial period Iíll NOT be renewing the subscription, and I figure Iíll disconnect and remove the XM head unit and use the pre-existing audio inputs to interface my computer system with the stock audio. This makes things considerably easier than hacking in, otherwise.

    The more difficult issue will be tying in to the existing touch screen navigation monitor-- I am hoping that the stock CD/AUX button on the center dash (which you press to toggle between the 6-disc CD changer and XM Radio), might also include video switching-- As in, displaying data from the XM Radio module. But Iím not sure about the video part without actually having the Accord to test function.

    If anyone has any experience with the current generation Accord, including who makes the touch screen, etc., Iíd very much appreciate input. I favor complete stock appearance, and intend to build my system so that youíd never be able to tell any modification was made-- Yet still have the full function of an onboard computer.

    Itís still a long way off, but Iíll fully document my project once I finally get going.

    Again, I'd really appreciate incite into the Accordís electronics if anyone here on the site knows anythingÖ


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    Not familiar with the new accords but I'm guessing that particular trim isn't available without the nav system and screen?
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      I don't know much about the stock system on the current generation Hondas. But, in my opinion, you've made the right choice for a vehicle with your needs. The Accord EX will not let you down.
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        I have a quick question for you....why are you goin the route of Factory navi? With a carputer setup you can easily out do a factory navi unit. Harddrive driven navi vs DVD navi. And it would be much more cost effective....and i'm sure a good 3/4 of this forum has much experience with fiberglass work and would be sure to help you mold a touchscreen into your car....just a thought....the only problem is you'd need to run a good 4ch amp to your speakers with an audio out from the carputer...But in the long run you'd be lookin at less than the fact. navi.


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          If there is an option for a navi system than I wouldn't recommend getting it. With a carpc, you can do so much more for cheaper. I'm not sure of the price on stock nav systems but I've heard it runs around 2k. Building your own carpc will give you tons of extra functions for 3/4 the price, or lower.
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            Reasons For Stock Navi

            Thanks for your responses so far, guys!

            Regarding stock navi, the primary reasons for opting for such a system is the pre-existing touch screen, and the configuration of the center panel controls (buttons, knobs, etc.).

            Example of Stock Navi:

            The stock setup is, of course, very clean, and it comes with the full host of control buttons/knobs/joystick, including steering wheel controls. And lights to indicate which button is currently active (which I like!). Also, see the aluminum panel behind the shifter in the center dash? That's a flip-up storage compartment-- I'm hopeful I might be able to customize a fitting for a Mac Mini behind that door. Perfect hidden integration!

            Non-Navi Accord dash:

            Without the stock touch-screen, I'm not a fan of the center knob/button on the audio system. And it would be exceedingly difficult to customize a touch-screen in place of the audio unit currently in place, because it hosts critical car systems (like climate control blower speed, temperature regulation, etc.). You couldn't just take the unit out and replace it with a touch-screen. And while you could put the touch screen below the audio unit in the center dash DIN slot (where the picture shows some kind of head unit; Honda mp3 player?), the shift knob would obscure full view of the screen and also make if difficult to reach around when using the touch screen. I also wouldn't consider installing one of those DIN sized flip-out touch screens, as it would obscure climate control buttons and also deviate from my intention of this being a fully stock appearing system.

            You could perhaps cut a hole in the top of the dash for a flip-up screen (like I've seen incredibly cool example(s) of on this site), but the dual climate zone LED display might not allow for enough room-- And of course it would also likely interfere with outward visibility.

            I totally see all of your points regarding stock navi lacking some features, but after saving for this long I don't mind paying extra for the benefit of a HUGE portion of install work already having been done (as in, the touch-screen is already in place), and the configuration of center dash controls.

            And if I ever grew tired of the stock navi-- Screw it, I'll have a computer in place, anyway-- I can just use that and not deal with the old DVD system...

            Other crazy ideas: The DVD navigation system in the Accord is Windows CE based-- With some hacking you could likely replace the DVD drive with a hard drive to improve performance and capabilities. I've noted people are working on such hacks, now. See an old thread (

            Anyway, at this point I think I'll still go with factory nav and tie in to the existing audio/video system with a Mac Mini-- Right where the XM Radio plugs in...

            First things first! Gotta get a car..


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              I have an 06 Accord. It's simply too much of a pain to replace the factory HU, so I took out the pocket thats beneath it (where the secondary CD player is in the picture) and placed my LCD down there. Just run the audio into the HU and you're set.


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                Maybe you can use the LCD for PC(with some or a lot of hacking) but not the TS part.
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                  how are you going to afford a car pc if it took 3yrs to save up for an accord?


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                    the primary reasons for opting for such a system is the pre-existing touch screen
                    This is useless. You won't be able to interface the factory touchscreen to a computer. And if you try to hook up the screen to a PC, it will look ****ty at best.
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                      If it were me I would not get the factory nav. I would buy this and mount my screen there.

                      You could buy a flip-out touch screen or mount a 7 or 8" with a little modiifcation i.e. relocate AC buttons and knobs, fiberglass and bondo.

                      It would be nice if you could integrate a computer to the touchscreen while keeping the touchscreen functionality and mod the factory Nav buttons to control you PC based nav. If you have the time, energy and knowledge then by all means pursue it - I am sure some members would be very appreciative of your efforts.

                      oh here is the link for that piece
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