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Music skips beginning of tracks

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  • Music skips beginning of tracks

    Ok guys, recently I formatted, updated bios and did all the tweaks and set my carputer to hibernate.

    I ripped some tracks from cd to mp3 and have it on highest quality using Windows Media Player (320kBps bitrate)

    I dont know if its because of quality but when the songs play, half the tracks if not more skip for 5-15 seconds until it sounds smooth. Im using Frodoplayer if that has anything to do with it. Any ideas?

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    Is the skipping random? Is it actually part of the mp3 file or your computer lagging?

    If it's part of the track, check the CD. Then rip the CD to wave and check the wave. Then convert to mp3 and check it again.


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      Well, I changed my front ends to Road Runner (which uses winamp) and everything runs smoothly now, problem solved, thanks for help though!