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    Hi, i want a webcam for my rearview cam, and because i canīt find anything on the web about these webcams (because they are chinese i think) i will put here some of the webcams that are for sale in my country and someone could tell me which one is the best one...

    -Philips Vesta PCVC665K/17
    -Biswal USB - Ofix Webcam Digital
    -GENIUS GF 112
    -PHILIPS USB 675K (it says its 675K but i don't know) this is the best one i think, but i don't really know if that is it's true quality...
    -WEB CAM EURO EUCC-920 DESIGN (this one says it has a CMOS sensor of 300k)

    Well, i'm looking for the best quality possible and high fps, so maybe you guys know which one of these is the best....
    oh, i also have an OLD Connectix Quickcam color that i modified to work only with infrared, the quality is very good but the fps too low, it connects though the parallel port and the mouse port, i searched everywhere to see if there was some sort of modification to make it work through usb, or leave it like that but increase the fps, couldn't find anything...

    well if anyone could help would be great, thanx