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A big round of thank you.

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  • A big round of thank you.

    Hey guys and girls. I just wanted to offer a big thank you to the many members here at along with the folks that put HARD work into some great software. I've been doing carputering since 2001. My first system was in a 2001 SS camaro and it went great. My latest system is in a 2003 Mazda Miata. By far the hardest and most challenging but really worth it now that it's complete.

    I would not have been able to pull off these projects if it wasn't for the many of you who answered my questions along the way and the many post of questions and answers that I've read through. In the SS, I used OBDII, music videos along with internet and a TV tuner. (Nav too). It all had that cool effect and I really enjoyed what it offered. Tonight while the wife and I was riding around town, sipping on some coffee, I came to the conclusion that the enjoyment of the new system would not be possible with out mp3car support. What makes this system so special is the way I'm able to enjoy XM radio. You see, I think xm would not be worth listening to if it wasn't for the computer and the software that can be used to control the tuner. I don't want to go into calling out any names but a BIG thanks to these threads, You know who you are. I can't imagine the hard work and attention to detail that goes into making some of this software. I know without that hard work, I would not be enjoying carputering. Thank you.

    As I look around the board tonight, I see the work of many people, fine tuning their code and systems so the many of us can reap the rewards. I know another three years down the road, there will be faster computers, smaller systems but it won't mean much without the support of mp3car and the many members. This post is for all of you and again, Thank you..

    ...Also, let me not forget the several folks who allowed their items to be sold to fellow members here at mp3car. If it wasn't for your great deals I would not have been able to afford to take on such a project. Thank you..//
    My first computer install 2001 SS camaro
    My latest project. Much better. 2003 Mazda Miata

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    awww!!!!!! this makes me feel all fluffy and warm


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      sniffle, well said.
      S60 Install