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'05 Subaru Legacy and display enclosure

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  • '05 Subaru Legacy and display enclosure

    I was looking at store and came across the display enclosure/kit for the Subaru WRX. In reading the discription it says "This housing is compatible with the following Subaru models:" and the 05-06 Legacy is on the list. Does anybody have pictures of this kit in the Legacy. The WRX and Legacy are different models and dashes. Where would that kit fit into the Legacy dash? I'm getting ready to build my carputer and the only thing that is going to give me problems is the display installation. If that kit will work in the Legacy, I would get it. I don't have a screen yet so it would be perfect for me to get it all together like that. I've tried to search for it and my search didn't come up with anything specific with the kit and Legacys.

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    I'll bet it means the non-turbo models with the standard double-DIN opening.
    2005 Subaru Legacy GT
    Status: 40% - starting install

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      Well John, as you probably know, all Legacy's in 2005 had the same dash, except the insturments and stereo/AC. I could take a picture of your dash and mine and they would look almost exactly the same. My stereo and AC is all one piece, just like yours. The only place I can think that it would fit would be the cubby hole/trip computer area. The problem is you would have to relocate the trip computer. I want to see pictures of the kit installed in a Legacy before I spend my money on it.