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  • Just Ordered Everything!

    i finally did it after procrastinating forever i took the plunge

    got the
    MTSVO-SC Motorized touchscreen
    VIA EPIA SP13000
    DSATX 220w
    Panasonic slot DVD
    250gig SATA Maxtor drive
    BU-353 GPS
    1GB DDR400

    im worried about the onboard audio on this motherboard. right now i have a 600w amp pushing my Infinity Kappa Componants up front and my Kappa 6x9s in the back and a 1200w amp oushing a solobaric L7 12. So im worried about sound quality coming from the motherboard. since this does have a PCI slot i may have to go to a SB Audigy or something like that.

    ANy input on the onboard sound?

    btw this is all going into a 2005 Altima.

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    I used onboard audio on my ASUS board... I was okay with it... I then took my Audigy 2ZS out of one of my home PC's and was amazed at the difference. I would put in an aftermarket card, I think the difference is unbelievable...
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      I have the creative x-fi. Hell alot of a difference. I think it has the best quality & highest pre-amp output on the market.

      Final Touches

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        i had a cheap sb live 5.1 (bet you can find it on ebay for $5) card running to an audiocontrol 24xs and it sounded really good. i've since made leaps and bounds from that but i was happy at the time.

        at least ditch the onboard sound and get the sblive 5.1 with kxdrivers you'll be in much better condition.

        oh...and you do not have a 600w amp :-) those are the inflated max specs from the manufacturer. dont let them fool you any more

        good luck on the install...we're all here to help if you need us!
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