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how-to power audigy2nx?

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  • how-to power audigy2nx?

    hey guys, the audigy 2nx has a cable from the device to a power converter, and then another cable from the converter to a socket plug.

    i have cut the socket plug out, and wired it to the 12v+ and - of a molex.. power

    can someone tell me the proper way to do this? is it suppose to be on the 12v rail or the 5v? and am i suppose to wire in front of the converter or leave it out completely?

    also is there any way that i can store this behind my dash and have it auto power when my pc turns on?


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    pretty sure it's 5v rail...wouldn't be surprised if you blew it up


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      Yeah I have mine wired 5v to molex from Opus. Also put a fuse there as well to save it just incase. I like having access to it for easy removal and diagnostics. Don't know how many times the mute light on the NX was a good indicator somthing was wrong. How about the glove box? Going to do that this summer, atleast you have fast access to it.
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        how exactly did you wire a fuse to this? sorry for being such a noob, ive wired it directly to the 5v rail and i get a power light and a mute light. does that mean the unit is damaged?

        when i had it pluged to the 12vrail i had wired it witht he power converter (the square unit in the middle) this time i wired it with out the converter


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