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DUB-H7 USB hub

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  • DUB-H7 USB hub

    i see alot of people using these.... but my issue is.. how do i power it? i mean i know it takes 5v... and you cna ru nthe 5v from your power supply... which im sure with my current system i have plenty of power to spare for it

    but do i need to crack it open and wire it up? or what? anybody got pix of there install with this?

    ideas/suggestions welcome


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    You do not need to open it, it comes with a power adapter, you can run the 5V from the motherboard to the power adapter, just strip the wires on the power adapter to expose the wires, and then connect your 5v to it.
    I am getting this one it is a USB and a FIREWIRE combo.
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      ahh good deal that i can work with =)


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        The power to the harddrive for example has 3 colors: red, yellow and blacks.
        Black is ground, red is 5v, yellow is 12v. Cut the power wire from the usb hub, if it has one wire in the middle and one around, then the one in the middle goes to the red wire in teh computer, and the outside wire goes to the black.
        hope this helps
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          LOL just get a dc power jack from radio shack...
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            I just went to Radio Shack to get the stuff I need, so I don't have to hack up the D-Link original adapter. You will need the Adaptaplug "M", and the 6-feet Adaptaplug cable that connects to the adapter. You will have to cut one end off, and use the guide on the back of the box to get the polarity right. With this setup, the wire with the white stripe is the "+" positive wire.
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