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    About 2 months ago I was thinking about becoming a Xenarc distribuator, so I ordered 3 units from them as samples. One of them was DOA (dead on arrival). So I called my sales rep. Long story short it took them 3 e mails & 24 days for me to get a rma #. I shipped it back several weeks ago & just got their response back. " We tracked the serial # on the unit you sent us for serviec. After further investigation we determined that we did not sell this unit. We are returning your unit unserviced." WHAT!!! I faxed the reciept & called my sales rep again got no where. Just wanted to let people know how Xenare likes to treat someone who wanted to sell their product in large quanties. Now think about how they will treat the average joe who buys 1 unit from them. Between the time I have spent trying to resolve this & shipping charges it would have been cheaper for me to buya new 1. To me its a buisness expense & a lesson learned. I just don't want others to have to deal w/ the headaches that I have gotten from Xenarc.

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    I tend to agree with you, it doesnt matter where you bought it from in the end.. it should still be covered by there 18 month warranty and they should repair it for you, not send it back unrepaired..

    I honestly expected better and will have to serious think about what brand my next tft will be.. The thing I dont like about the xenarc is the dam Onscreen res.. it makes it look tacky I think

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      I agree. but thats what we have untill something better comes along.
      Is this where the witty comment goes?
      97 Black pearl Mazda Miata MX-5 Carpc V2? maybee..