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Hey new idea for a frontend?!?! Windows Shell instead?

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  • Hey new idea for a frontend?!?! Windows Shell instead?

    I just thought of this in class.. I like RR because of the looks and the themes. But on the otherhand I like Mobile Impact but it has a nice visual box when playing mp3s. Well people have made frontends that all have different promising qualities. Well.. what if some way someone started to create a windows shell front end thats open source? I'm not sure I'm guessing it would be hard so only a few could work on the shell but everyone else could make it grow by writing plugins for the shell. And with the shell and plugins you can configure it with all the qualities of everything included.. Basically this idea came from this shell I used to use.
    It was very nice b/c you can customize it really easy and add the plugins. It looked sweat b/c of all the themes also!

    Just thought it might be better to start to design something that is user friendly and will be universal. The shell should be big you know? Just basic buttons. The time part would being able to set it up where you can customize it very easy. Buttons plugins ect.

    Whats your opinion?

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    Looks good...of course that means half of RR or any good front end's features would need to be implemented as standalone apps or plugins. Would take some time to catch up.
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