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The melbourne car show

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  • The melbourne car show

    Prob a bit late to check this out since it finishes today (monday), but to those that did go (if any!) what did you think?

    I always love the car show, lots of fun dreaming about all the cars u may never own due to lack of funds! One car brand that has never really appealed to me but yesterday changed that was Volkswagon... that new Bora is unreal.... good controls and layout, seats are fantastic, and the manual gearbox shift feels great.... oh yeah and it looks good on the road too! Also im still a sucker for the Honda Type R Integra too!

    They also had a nice setup of car audio equipment and demo vechicles too.... the nicest being the kenwood VS/VT commodore demo car, 5 12inch subs in the boot floor, something like 4 TFT screens, twin 6inch splits behind each drivers door! dreamcast, DVD, etc, etc... freaky stuff!

    Also a local car audio company (strathfield) have now picked up the local import on those 'mpzoo' mp3car players... the black ones that look like a removable hard disc bay. Priced at around $700 without a HDD, and a text LCD screen..... hrm... stilll like the home-brew approach tho much G/F agreed when the salesman tried to sell her one and explain the technology that is 'mp3', hehehehe.... she told him where to go, she knew more about what was going on that he did! quite a larf!

    anyway after my rant, did anyone check it out at all?
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    i went

    went there on friday afternoon till like 7pm.
    Enjoyed it as I always do. Quite fun to check out all the cars that cost WAY too much
    That kenwood demo car was very nice indeed. Wish i had that sorta money, i can't even NEARLY afford a 5 or 6" LCD, letalone like 4 of them!

    great day out, except for the fact that my legs were ****ed from worken all day before hand.
    Jarrod - Holden VX S!


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      Re: i went

      Originally posted by Jarrod
      great day out, except for the fact that my legs were ****ed from worken all day before hand.
      must admit I was quite tired after walking around..... better than other years, usuallyl I am in/out in about 1/2 hours. I think we stayed there for close to 4 hours.... which is good.
      Project - GAME OVER :(