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install on 06' civic

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  • install on 06' civic

    I am doing an install consisting of an amp and a 12" sub in a friends 2006 honda civic.

    however she is anal about her car and i do not want to touch it till i know a bit more about it.

    1- any special tricks i should know about for removing sideboards/dash for running wires?
    2- stock CD-Player (High end i think) does it have RCA pre-outs? or am I going to have to run the Amp/Sub off of the rear speakers?

    I have only ever run off of aftermarket CD Players so i am a bit unsure about what to do on factory systems.

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    it doesnt have rca outputs. your gonna have to tap the wires and install a line out converter. like this one

    tap em right behind the deck(cd player) or u can just tap the rear speakers. this way you can install the system without removing the dash.

    good luck


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      thank you,


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        go buy a hanes manual (any auto parts store) or the one from Honda. this will tell you how to take apart the dash, etc. generally just be careful, dont go ripping into things.
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          If your unsure about what your doing, i would get help if its not your car... the thing is if you run into any problems (you you have a 95%chance of this) you will have a hard time trouble shooting it, and your 'anal' girl will be ****ed off at you boy !!!!!!!!!!!! I would get someone who does this for a living near your area for advise.

          Tha said.....all you need is power from the battery to the amp, rca cables from the head unit to the amp, remote turn on wire from the head unit to the amp and speaker wire from the amp to the subwoofer. You can run the wires underneath the trim panels at the bottom of your door openings amd most of the time they either snap off of have 3-4 screws holding them down. hope this helps

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            yea i wouldnt do it if she is anal about it. (unless she will give some of that up).

            but really, semi good chance u could mess something up so its not worth the *****ing if she is really that worried.

            but yea. need a line convertor, some amps have them built in tho so if u are shopping for an amp i would buy 1 with it.
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              Line out converter in 06' Honda Civic?

              Hey guys, I need some help...I have a friend who wants me to install some speakers into her 2006 Honda Civic and I have a 05' hyundai tiburon myself, and i had no problem installing them in my car, but i was checking this forum and it said that the 2006 Honda Civic does not have rca outputs in the factory radio system.

              So, on that note, i read in a forum before this that I have to install a line out converter to install the rca is this done?? I've never had to install a line out converter before and how do i do this with this car...Also, the radio is way different from my tiburon and how do I get the dash off of this car...???

              And finally, i also read that you could wire the cables to the rear speakers, but if i do this, how do i install the remote turn on cable, don't you have to plug this wire into the cd player for it to work or could you wire it to the rear speakers too??

              Please guys, anyone with any information on my problem that can help me out would be greatly appreciated...and once again, my main concern is how do i install the line out converter??? I"ve never had to do this before....thanks...


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                Did you ever figure this install out?...i need to do the same on the 07, which is practically the same as the 06.

                How do you install the converter?
                How does the remote wire connect?


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                  Originally posted by enriquedali View Post
                  How do you install the converter?
                  Take the 4 speaker wires (L+/L- and R+/R-) and attach them to the labeled screw. Ground a wire and attach it to the labeled screw. Or follow the instructions in/on the box.

                  Originally posted by enriquedali View Post
                  How does the remote wire connect?
                  To your ignition wire.(12v switched)
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